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End the War!!

Five Years is too long; Stop the F**king war. Save a few thousand lives. Take the three to five trillion!!!* dollars and spend it on Katrina relief, better schools, bailing out mortgages and building rental housing, pills and food for the poor, and any of a million better uses.

* Estimate based on Nobel Prize Winner Joe Stiglitz

Azine is now API Movement


Gran Dilemma: A Review of Gran Torino
Overall, I'm just disappointed that it was a poor quality movie. I’ll leave it up to you if you want to spend the money or time to watch it. In my mind, it wasn’t worth it.
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Anti-Communist Protesters Shut Down Vietnamese American Exhibit
Southern Cal Vietnamese Americans vandalize and protest the exhibit on freedom of expression.
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Bail Out the People, Not the Banks
We've committed over $4 Trillion. Here's an alternative. There could be a bail-out for people rather than corporations. For less than the first half of the TARP, we could employ every one of the 10 million unemployed for $300 billion a year. And they would put their money in the economy.
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The Meaning of an Obama Administration
Despite Obama’s image of change, his election however does not signify major detours in the overall direction of the U.S. decision makers.


New On Sang Poultry Workers
Victory as Owner Settles to pay back wages.
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Store sign of New On Sang Poultry


Yoon Runs for Mayor, Brings All the Boston Rednecks Out
City Councilor Sam Yoon announced that he intended to run for Mayor of Boston. Here were some comments posted on the websites of Boston’s two major papers in the two days since the article ran. We may not quite live in a post-racial society.
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Lessons from Student Activists
Continuity, Rebuilding Student Groups, Starting New Activism and Student Conferences and Youth Groups were all discussed.


NCRR Puts Up Archives of Japanese American Activism
Primary documents, photos, videos, and summaries of campaigns.

Miya at Rally for New Otani Workers
NCRR Photo

Book Review: The Snake Dance of Asian American Activism: Community, Vision and Power
The history of the AAM is offered not as dogma or as nostalgia, but as set of specific lessons tied to specific times, some of which will apply to the changing conditions of today; some which will not. Special Azine Reader Offer


Philly Chinatown Creates Citywide Coalition to Fight Casino


Racist Ford Dealer Ad Revives Atmosphere of Time of Vincent Chin

Older articles

The Heart's Traffic: A Novel In Poem
Interview with author Ching-In Chen
Watching Vincent Who? - the Legacy of Vincent Chin
Poem: Bailout

LA Little Tokyo Recreation Center Gets Green Light
Philadelphia Chinatown Fights Casino Proposal
Foxwoods Moves into the Community

New Jersey Obama Supporter Gets Burning Cross

The Establishment of Boston Chinese Progressive Association 1978 - From the first newsletter

New On Sang Poultry Workers in San Francisco Chinatown Launch Boycott to Win Back Wages

1991-1992 by Kevin Minh Allen

PA Law Enforcement Say Gang of Thieves Targeting Asian Americans

Organizers' comments on the Election of Barack Obama


Today's Student Organizers
A gathering of students look at campus organizing today


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