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Other Side of the AA’s American Dream

Most of us heard the rusty “American dream” cliché. It is something that denotes having the best version of a life; a good, stable career (mayhap somewhere in the restless city of New York), a good house to some county’s suburbs, social mobility for self and family, so on. I could specify more but there’s only a bottom-line – an American dream is a life that is full of prosperity according to the society’s common standard which emphasizes the importance of wealth. Wealth as defined by the majority is the amount of dollars you have in your bank account.

To many Asians, specifically those who live in third-world countries where poverty has become an adaptable thing, being able to step into America and have a work is a dream come true. It is as though their visa-marked passports were their tickets to a brand new life but, there is actually a dark side to it.

How it feels like being an Asian working in the American soil according to our fellow Asians, we will talk about it in a moment. For now, here is a little history. The first Asian to step in U.S soil were Filipino men (Manilamen, as they called themselves) who flee from Spanish ships where they were mistreated. In 1778, Chinese explorers arrived in Hawaii, followed by the Japanese who came to America in mid-19th century . As per 2012, data from the U.S Census Bureau of Estimate says that Asian-American communities account for more than 5% of the U.S population. There are even towns where the Asian American population is over fifty percent.

Going back to the status of Asian-Americans…

You see, most of the time the media only portrays positive sides of the story. Often, Asian-American workers in the United States are referred as overachievers, genius Mathematics brainiacs and lab rats who created this new technologies that are about to change history. If only the undocumented immigrant and low-wage worker become part of the general story, the picture would be very different.

For instance, in New York where South Asians account more than twenty percent of the 2 million immigrant workers, most of these people are low-wage workers who usually live in basements apartment that cost them in average $200 a month . They can’t do anything about it because they couldn’t afford to pay a formal apartment in NY. On average, a south Asian worker in NYC is only paid for less than five dollars.

Then there are the dreamers who took risks for crossing the Mexican borders. The U.S Department of Homeland Security says that there are more than a million undocumented immigrants from Asia. Most of these people are in the US to find better lives, perhaps, achieve that American dream; have a job, provide better finances for the family they left and earn as much as they could. Another issue on the rise is the trafficking of Chinese Citizens in the United States through the Mexican borders. These illegal immigrants would have to hike through the terrain of Sonoran Dessert to get to the United States. If they can make it (surviving the melting hot temperature in the dessert, I meant), they are promised to have worked in America.

Then they will have to re-pay whosoever “helped” them get through the borders along with the promise that if they are sent back to China, they will be refunded.

Some are lucky to have the job promised to them. They worked, repay, earned and at some point, managed to file legal documentation for their stay in the United States. But, there are also some of them who didn’t even made it through the boarder. They were either got caught by the border guards or have not survived from the cruel heat of the dessert.

Bail-out the People, Not the Banks

In this article I am going to highlight Obama’s efforts to help banks through bailout. Firstly I will clear you what bailout is? Bailout is a general term for giving any financial support to any country, organization or company who faces bankruptcy or financial difficulty. In its initial month, the Obama government has offered an $800 billion incentive plans, asked for the residue of $700 million Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) to temporary release financial firms and offered another Trillion to help the banks along with a Trillion to help for loans. In other words they are executing around Four Trillion dollars or $11000 for all person women, man or child in the United States. It is just a starting continuation step of the United States Government to prop up the businesses. It’s not necessarily change we could believe in. The financial firms and banks made all this mess and are being saved, while people hurl out of their work & lose homes. If we talk about previous Clinton Administration we came to know their primary objective was to protect the system and corporations rather than the people.Bailout

Here’s another solution. There should be a bailout for the people instead of corporations. It would be trickle-up rather than trickle-down economics.

What a bail out for people could do

Obama’s Administration plan carries a goal – a expect – connected with 4 million jobs, assuming states, businesses and so on hire people at the estimated prices. Work Progress Administration Franklin Roosevelt –the US government – directly employed 8. 5 million people undertaking socially crucial work just like roads, conservation, constructing dams, public buildings and conservation. For 250 billion you could duplicate in which, less compared to first half of the TARP. Hi, just guess what, they will spend the bucks, set in the economy and pay income taxes and, unlike the banks, who hoarded this three fifty billion which they got. We might go and employ all the ten million unemployed regarding 300 million.

Additionally, we could just double the expending for basic human being needs like health, food stamps, housing and education. The 2008 budget department for Urban Development and Housing was $35 billion Education and learning cost $67 billion, Food stamps cost $8 billion and Human Services and Health was $697 billion. The total basic human being needs budget has a maximum charge of $807 billion (because there may be spend inside those departments where are not actually for human basic needs), less than the money necessary for the Trillion dollar support for the banks. Once more, people can spend their own money for these requirements and “help” the economy.

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

The autobiography of Malcolm X was released in 1965, as a result of the alliance between the human rights activist Malcolm X and the journalist Alex Haley. I really influenced with this book as it explained the deep knowledge of the American history. It actually awaken me how a common man worked immensely to bring out a change for the injustice he noticed in this country.

This one book has changed my life and so I am writing this article to describe what I felt about this book and about the Malcolm X. Malcolm-X

When I read the book, it took about weeks to absorb the theme. There was a discussion about the racism and self-conservation. The words were sounding like a fresh air, with a very deep thought that insisted me thinking and changing my own beliefs. I looked beyond my boundaries and thought about this discrimination at a broad sense.

Malcolm raised a deep question about the role of the government for the human rights and for the justice and wellbeing of each individual of any race. And vice versa what the citizen can do in turn for the government. The analysis of the Malcolm about the American Society gave attention to the inequalities between the blacks and whites and to explore the root cause for it.

This book focused on the entire life of Malcolm, his childhood days in the Michigan, his father’s death under severe circumstances. Later on, his mother’s deteriorating mental condition, as a result her shifting to the psychiatric treatment place. Then the involvement of this little kid in organized crime and his prison for about 10 years.

The collaboration between the Malcolm and Haley takes on various dimensions, from editing, then revising and finally composing the The autobiography of Malcolm X. It was the struggle between two strong men that resulted in to the final result as a book in our hand. The Haley’s contribution was really large to organize the content and come it out as a book.

The constant struggle for the upliftment and justice for the deserved class gave me a deep lesson about life and about the way he adopted to fight for the dignity with the immense calm and courage. He spoke for everyone and achieved a lot that he dreamt of. The equality of each individual, and moreover the sense of grabbing your hidden and suppressed identity. He will always be in recognition. By the way check out this review on aussie slots and online casinos.

The Meaning of an Obama Administration

The winning of Obama in as the 44th President was a great achievement and a ray of hope for the black people, in terms of racial exploitation and discrimination, capitalism need, changing global conditions and many more issues. I am going to highlight the changes that his administration has bought in the US and what has left remained. This is far from the reality that Australia has, which has been often times been accused of racial issues, which may be more potent in combination with their love for online gambling and pokies.

Being the first African- American president, there was a big optimistic image of the presidency of the Obama, and he made a good justice with it. The issues he has taken for consideration was related to the global financial crisis, for which he made changes in the tax policies, foreign policy initiatives and legislation to rebuild the US health care industry. He made extensive efforts in favor of the republicans by honoring John McCain, senator from Arizona. His focus was the ‘the promise of America’ and the policy followed was the mainstream compromise.Obama-Administration

In contrast to economic crisis, additional measures have been made through 2010 budget proposal to stabilize the economy. Obama is following more bailouts, after previous support to the banks like Citibank. Another trillion dollar package is going to be delivered, just as a means of industrial capital. There was a sustained rise in the unemployment rate in the early phase of Obama’s administration that recovered till 2010-2012. GDP growth also increased at a fast pace in 2009 at a rate of 9%. It also continued till 2010 with overall rate of 2.9%.

Obama also recognized the need of US to coordinate with other countries for the scientific opinion for the issues like economic crisis. He attended the G-20 summit and also visited US troops in the Iraq. He was given the Noble prize for ‘his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people’ in the year 2009.

As his second term winning against the Mitt Romney in 2012, he focused on other issues to work upon. These were income equality, global warming, and also reinforcing American education to promote the technology and innovation. The president’s biggest priority was on the minimum emissions of the Carbon dioxide through the electricity power plants.

The Obama’s administration turned out to be more aggressive than the Bush and other preceding governments because of their response for the whistle blowing and leaks to press. Also he achieved greater success in the energy advancement in the second phase of his electoral journey as compared to the first session.

Tales of my trip to Australia where I played some pokies

Those of you who know me, know that I am not much of a gambler. But I happened to visit Australia last week, for my job. The first thing I have to tell you is that aussie women are just gorgeous. Especially if you travel this time of the year, it’s so hot that they are wearing very light summer dresses and its not uncommon to see many girls walking in bikinis at the city.

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This supet hot girl contacted me on twitter yesterday and she saied that she just won a super jackpot playing pokies! this is amazing she just made a ton of money and now she invited me to come over to Australia to visit her. WOW, I mean, of course I will go and have an “awful” time with her haha

Hate Crimes in America

Why is it that when something happens to America, say, a terrorist attack like that of the Islamic group Al Qaeda in 9/11, the entire race or religion itself is judged as the culprit? What my heart hope is the day to come that each of us, not just the Americans, would learn to measure our judgement base on individual instances and not the general identity of who caused the event.

You could argue but the truth lay just before our eyes. Hate crimes exist. It’s real. Someone could be beaten up, harrassed or assaulted because of their ethnicity. It’s in the news, we have heard it from rumors in the neighborhood and perhaps, it is something that a fellow of yours has experienced. Evidences of racism against Asian-Americans continue to explode even in today’s generation where “unity” is a high advocacy for most nations.In the United States, stereotyping, unjustifiable anti-immigrant sentiments, racism and hatred are still faced by many Asian-Americans.

Asian Americans are limited or denied to certain state rights, imprisoned for unjustified reasons, attacked or worse, murdered – all of these just because they are not WHITE. Barack Obama, the recent president of the United States of America, acknowledged this. The president stated that for the last decade, South Asian Americans, specifically those Muslims, Hindu, or have a Sikh background often faced senseless suspicion and was attacked just because of the colors of their skin and their beliefs.

Countless of hate crimes were reported all over the country. According to a statistics released by The Leadership Conference 2.5% of the reported hate crimes were committed against Asian Pacific Americans.

July 2004, a Vietnamese student in South Boston was killed in a massive brawl between American and Vietnamese, which in a weird way reminds me of this post I made here about pokies. In 2009, four teens were charged after strangling a Chinese account executive in New York. The suspects admitted that they did the crime because of their hatred of the victim’s race. In 2013, a series of attacks targeting Asian-Americans happened in the Upper East Side and East Harlem New York. There are a whole lot of other reported assaults related to hate crimes to Asian Americans and many more that are undocumented.

In the theory that social scholars called “American exceptionalism”, it implies that the U.S is a qualitatively different nation, emphasizing its superiority among other. With what the country could provide for its own people, you can consider that such exceptionalism has its good bases.

But wait a second . . .

Is that American exceptionalism the reason why racial hate crimes happen? I bet it is. We could step back to as far as the past two World Wars where America had greatly help Asian countries to win over against its envaders. Yet, what had happened today? Prejudice and discrimination become things that Asian Americans are used to, as though it is something to consider as a part of how their world should revolve while they are in the United States.

Post 9/11 Era for the Asian Americans

It’s been over a decade ago but it is as though it was like yesterday that I watched the news. I was having my usual chocolate cereal at the kitchen counter, facing the T.V. I was fresh from bed and still had my pajamas on.

It was September 11, 2001. I watched those buildings collapsed; flame burst, then I saw them slowly melt down to the ground. It took minutes to sink in my brain. Watching the slow-motioned video, some parts of my mind didn’t want to accept that it was a news, somehow I wanted to convince myself that I was only watching another bomb-this-building movie. But no, it was real. It happened. And I watched it happen.

Al Qaeda flew two planes that they hijacked into the World Trade Center towers and another one to the Pentagon. Another plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania when the passengers attempted to regain control. That crime committed by the global militant Islamist group, Al Qaeda, happened a decade ago. Reports said that about three thousand people died on that attack. The New York Times stated it was the “worst and most audacious terror attack in the American history and I agree. I watched American news, read crime papers and so on but nothing have made me fear more than the 9/11 event.

I remember myself panicking. My family panicked too. What if the next attack happens near us? Gladly, nothing happened. It was the yesteryears, but it wasn’t just the ones responsible for that attack that takes the blame, so are the Asian Muslims living in America. Since the 9/11 attack, South Asians, Muslims, Arabs and those who have Sikh backgrounds were bombarded with biased judgment and racism attacks, profiled as though the race itself is responsible for that violence.5

This isn’t just a personal point-of-view since statistics and studies have something to say too. On a 2014 report of the South Asian American Leading Together (SAALT) called “Under Suspicion, Under Attack: Xenophobic Political Rhetoric and Hate Violence against South Asian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Middle Eastern, and Arab Communities in the United States” it pointed that over 80% of hate violence were because of anti-Muslim sentiments. It also cited that in 2012, 50% of the Americans feel uncomfortable with mosques in their neighborhoods or of seeing Muslims praying in airports. Furthermore, over 90% of xenophobic political comments were motivated by the people’s anti-Muslim sentiments.

Living in the post-9/11 era had open up my eyes to a lot of unpleasant things about how people could possess a general point-of-view and how a crime of another individual could cloud judgement. And honestly, all of these make no sense to me. The world already has its own dramas. Somewhere, there are war, cultural battles and epidemic illnesses. I wish there an instant miracle that could put America and every other race into unity; where judgment is individually scrutinized and diversity is vague or non-existence.

Asian American Healthcare Systems

Although the statistics , says that 66% of Americans are satisfied with the U.S healthcare system, it’s clearly visible as seen on media reports and even from the opinions of some of our fellows (specifically the Asian-American), that there is a big room for improvement when it comes to providing better healthcare for the people. Whatever the Medicaid or Medicare cover, the “minority” on that percentage is still a notable number of millions unsatisfied Americans. What is more for the Asian-Americans to whom language barrier alone is a culprit for their limited access to healthcare and other national privileges?

The healthcare system in America has been a center of conversation in between me and my friends. Matter-of-factly speaking, we talked about it most of the time. We talked about possibilities and of course, we have our conversation about our own disappointments.

Association of Asian Pacific Community Health Organization’s director Jen Lee said that according to data as measured, Asian Americans with limited English proficiency have hard time understanding about their insurance policies. This is a huge boundary since most insurance provider hand out their plans’ with English as default language on documentations. Furthermore, the Health and Human Services explains, “Language barriers can interfere with receiving quality health care. About one-third of Asian-Americans do not speak English very well. Some do not speak any English. Many Asian-Americans may not know about the risk factors for disease or the role of preventive health care. Cultural beliefs about health and illness often conflict with Western medicine, which keep some Asian-Americans from seeking help for symptoms or sticking with treatment. Those living in poverty or uninsured may have limited access to health care.”

There is a research that portrays how racial discrimination relates to illness among different ethnic populations. In this study, evidences were gathered to identify gaps and boundaries that block the possibilities of better healthcare for people whatever their race might be. Support studies like these remain underdeveloped. This is why it is hard to raise my hopes up for fast improvements when it comes to healthcare for Asian Americans.

Asian Americans accounts more than 5% of the U.S population . They also account for more than one-quarter of foreign-born population in the America. The growth of Asian Americans continues to expand each year, yet, the healthcare system remains as is, like it is taking its sweet time to savor the status quo.

The statistics we talked at the beginning may have shows that the majority of Americans are satisfied with the current healthcare provided by the U.S government but on the race of the wealthiest countries when it comes to providing healthcare, the United States hold the lowest rank . This is obviously one of the reasons why complaints and rants about the system flood.

Asian Americans are expected to grow by 37.6 million by 2050 . Hopefully by then the healthcare system is more stable, reliable, central, organized and among all, fair.

Playing Slots was a big learning for me

When it comes to the enjoyment, each individual can have varied opinions as per their needs, taste, nature and the priorities. Even if we talk of our family, some loves to sleep for the weekends, while some love to hangouts with the friends. Some may also prefer to have a good quality time with the family while resting at home, or through the touring outside for movie and the dinner outside. Like others, I love to enjoy and take the maximum from my life. Playing games and check out my ability is the thing that gives me pleasure from inside since the childhood. This is so because I believe that knowing and analyzing yourself is the best drilling factor for the growth, because no one knows you better than yourself.

When I heard the term gambling, my first thought was a big surprise. I was like how it feels when we get the utmost pleasure and the enjoyment of playing and also the money in our pocket. This is something we all dreamt of and spend our half of the life in achieving this. But the learning and the full flash knowledge is something which is of much of the value at the end. And such teacher is the pokies for me. This is because the strategies and the sense of incredible thinking is something which I really liked. It is what I felt like the precious thing for the growth of anyone’s life. So I feel like a fortunate person for being a part of this amazing world.

Mystery of Tigers Eye

As this post contains the perspective view for the reader who wants to enter in the world of online pokies. Briefly introducing myself, I am fond of gambling and have visited most of the casinos of Los Angeles. I love to learn more and more about this world. Travelling almost every part was not an easy task for anybody, so I went through internet to be in touch with almost every game of pokies. During my spare time I always use my android phone to be part of this. As the title suggests this is really a type of wizard by which you cannot be untouched. The game which challenges the most is Tigers Eye.

It is a featured with reels and pay-line which will give you the feel that it is most easy one which you would have ever tried. You would feel yourself as if you are meshed up in the net going through this. It will give you the feel of pride when you clear off the round. The graphics will make you curious and the scattered wild symbols will make you feel that it is the handiest one.

This one comprises many wild symbols full of many things such as cherries, bars, stars etc. which will not allow moving your eye from it. Having each kind in each slot the only thing which you will have to do is selection of the symbols shown. This is designed as if you will have to enter into the nets of spider. Showing the best in the concept of combination you would perform the best as if it is most handy to go through. The most promising stage which I got was the jackpot round. I also didn’t clear off in my first attempt. Though, I made it during third chance. You will be astonished by the magical behavior this one.

At the end of the day you will find yourself as the most intelligent. It has something different than any other and there is much more to learn in this. Overall you will have a great time in this.

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