Last summer when I was in Russia I felt much loneliness after the conference. Actually I was told to attend the meetings and conferences on behalf of my company. Sitting alone in my hotel room, I went for the search of the famous thing about this place. Meanwhile I came to know that online betting was also famous here. I was astonished that there were a large number of games. As I belong from science field there is always a curious nature in me to know something new. But the challenge which I was feeling in this was the selection. Crossing my finger I went for Untamed: Crowned Eagle.

This is an online pokie which is featured as the visualization of jungle. As the name also suggest that it would be like that only. It is full of total adventure and wildness of the forest. This is an incredible one with reels and many more slots of video and the theme is totally based in the sculpture of wildlife. It gave the feel as if you are in forest in between the wild animals, as if you are being surrounded by them. You will feel that you are the majesty of the place and monitoring them sitting all above.

Collection of scattered symbols which is shown in the slots leads you to move in the next level or round of this one. As it provides you the maximum number of free spins which lets you to collect the jackpot. I earned many credits. The benefit of bonuses in this is that either you make it in real or you can go for the wild prizes. Even after returning, I usually go for this in my spare time to have majestic feel.