The autobiography of Malcolm X was released in 1965, as a result of the alliance between the human rights activist Malcolm X and the journalist Alex Haley. I really influenced with this book as it explained the deep knowledge of the American history. It actually awaken me how a common man worked immensely to bring out a change for the injustice he noticed in this country.

This one book has changed my life and so I am writing this article to describe what I felt about this book and about the Malcolm X. Malcolm-X

When I read the book, it took about weeks to absorb the theme. There was a discussion about the racism and self-conservation. The words were sounding like a fresh air, with a very deep thought that insisted me thinking and changing my own beliefs. I looked beyond my boundaries and thought about this discrimination at a broad sense.

Malcolm raised a deep question about the role of the government for the human rights and for the justice and wellbeing of each individual of any race. And vice versa what the citizen can do in turn for the government. The analysis of the Malcolm about the American Society gave attention to the inequalities between the blacks and whites and to explore the root cause for it.

This book focused on the entire life of Malcolm, his childhood days in the Michigan, his father’s death under severe circumstances. Later on, his mother’s deteriorating mental condition, as a result her shifting to the psychiatric treatment place. Then the involvement of this little kid in organized crime and his prison for about 10 years.

The collaboration between the Malcolm and Haley takes on various dimensions, from editing, then revising and finally composing the The autobiography of Malcolm X. It was the struggle between two strong men that resulted in to the final result as a book in our hand. The Haley’s contribution was really large to organize the content and come it out as a book.

The constant struggle for the upliftment and justice for the deserved class gave me a deep lesson about life and about the way he adopted to fight for the dignity with the immense calm and courage. He spoke for everyone and achieved a lot that he dreamt of. The equality of each individual, and moreover the sense of grabbing your hidden and suppressed identity. He will always be in recognition. By the way check out this review on aussie slots and online casinos.