South Park Online Casino Slot

This post contains about the incident which taught me not to feel bad if you are all alone and there is nothing to do. When I was doing job in Australia, I was all alone and totally new to this place. During working day it was not so hard to pass the day. But on holiday it was much harder for me to pass my time. Someone in my office suggested me to visit casino. I did some research on how to play pokies online for real money and I saw that with some games you can play with no deposit, for free and you can get more free spins if you are lucky during the game. I found a list of that. As we know that the thing which pleases our eye we go for that. The game which I liked the most was South Park.

During trial version I found it more interesting as it is based on a series of cartoon, which I liked the most. I went for the full paid version of that. Going through the instruction I was going in right way of the game. I didn’t feel as if I was a new one to go through this. I was enjoying it. It provides the most number of credits as I was concerned through the internet. Based on the characters of the cartoon, this also have the symbols of the character with extra bonuses. It contained unique bonuses.

The main feature of this was the interfaces used. It comprises of good sound quality which gave the environment of real gambling. After some time I went for real money without any hesitation. This was making me happy and I was having fun. For these comfort I can bet without afraid of losing. By the way that was my fortune that I was not in much loss. Rather than that I got certain prizes and gifts while going through the slots of the symbols.

Playing Slots was a big learning for me

When it comes to the enjoyment, each individual can have varied opinions as per their needs, taste, nature and the priorities. Even if we talk of our family, some loves to sleep for the weekends, while some love to hangouts with the friends. Some may also prefer to have a good quality time with the family while resting at home, or through the touring outside for movie and the dinner outside. Like others, I love to enjoy and take the maximum from my life. Playing games and check out my ability is the thing that gives me pleasure from inside since the childhood. This is so because I believe that knowing and analyzing yourself is the best drilling factor for the growth, because no one knows you better than yourself.

When I heard the term gambling, my first thought was a big surprise. I was like how it feels when we get the utmost pleasure and the enjoyment of playing and also the money in our pocket. This is something we all dreamt of and spend our half of the life in achieving this. But the learning and the full flash knowledge is something which is of much of the value at the end. And such teacher is the pokies for me. This is because the strategies and the sense of incredible thinking is something which I really liked. It is what I felt like the precious thing for the growth of anyone’s life. So I feel like a fortunate person for being a part of this amazing world.

Octopays- my thrill gaming experience

My post is about my personal experience of the pokies. How did I start to play it and my ups and downs? Basically I am more than pokie player. Few years before I went to the Australia trip for some business reason. There I spent around one week. After my business meeting I went to the restaurant, there I ordered some dishes from the menu. And I also tried some new dishes too. That was delicious so in the night I was searching some dishes over the net. I opened some cooking food websites then I found some gaming ads over there. Well I used to play online betting and gambling that time. So I started playing games. There were many categories available in which you can play and win the game. And I also searched some new tricks based on this. But my main motive of enjoying it fulfilled. So, I enjoyed a lot and promised myself to play in future also. I am also insisting you to try this for one time.

How many times in your whole life you feel that you are very much lucky that you got this or that. But today’s life consists of a so much rush that we always think that we are very much unlucky because you are not able to get the thing which your colleague or opponent. But you never know that luck can change anytime and anywhere. These are very easy and simple to implement. You have to just click the spin button and wait for the reels to roll. The betting amount depends on you that how much amount you want to gamble in this.

Mystery of Tigers Eye

As this post contains the perspective view for the reader who wants to enter in the world of online pokies. Briefly introducing myself, I am fond of gambling and have visited most of the casinos of Los Angeles. I love to learn more and more about this world. Travelling almost every part was not an easy task for anybody, so I went through internet to be in touch with almost every game of pokies. During my spare time I always use my android phone to be part of this. As the title suggests this is really a type of wizard by which you cannot be untouched. The game which challenges the most is Tigers Eye.

It is a featured with reels and pay-line which will give you the feel that it is most easy one which you would have ever tried. You would feel yourself as if you are meshed up in the net going through this. It will give you the feel of pride when you clear off the round. The graphics will make you curious and the scattered wild symbols will make you feel that it is the handiest one.

This one comprises many wild symbols full of many things such as cherries, bars, stars etc. which will not allow moving your eye from it. Having each kind in each slot the only thing which you will have to do is selection of the symbols shown. This is designed as if you will have to enter into the nets of spider. Showing the best in the concept of combination you would perform the best as if it is most handy to go through. The most promising stage which I got was the jackpot round. I also didn’t clear off in my first attempt. Though, I made it during third chance. You will be astonished by the magical behavior this one.

At the end of the day you will find yourself as the most intelligent. It has something different than any other and there is much more to learn in this. Overall you will have a great time in this.

Monkey king – treasure of king

Now a day’s vacation is going on. As you know everybody wants to take rest in his jobs, Colleges and schools. Mostly people like to go out of the station but I do not go anywhere. Now I am sharing my last vacation experience. I was at home to complete my pending works, then after sometime I took a break and searched some gaming site because Internet is the best source of relaxing and entertainment.

I was already heard about many gaming sites, on those sites I can spend lots of time in those slots but I was searching some interesting game. Suddenly I saw a colorful monkey picture with golden coins and I clicked on those links, then I found that it was a casino slot. I didn’t know how to play it so first of all I searched some detail online. There I got history of the game. It was related with action movie, it had interesting story of gambling world. I never played any type of gambling. But I didn’t get any hint how to play it. So I decided to play without any hint or any other help. First time I lost it, so i closed it and completed my work. I spent lots of time to play that’s why I delayed in my work.

After a few days I was getting bore, so I decided to play again. First I read some related hint through blog and summary then I started my monkey king journey. It was an interesting Journey, it had different levels to win the king treasure. Lots of time I spend to play this and win the treasure of king. It was very exacting.

Online gaming is more helpful to relaxing the mind and before we played some other sector like java and play stations. These are selected but we have lots of options to entertain our self in different sectors.

Majestic environment of Untamed: Crowned Eagle

Last summer when I was in Russia I felt much loneliness after the conference. Actually I was told to attend the meetings and conferences on behalf of my company. Sitting alone in my hotel room, I went for the search of the famous thing about this place. Meanwhile I came to know that online betting was also famous here. I was astonished that there were a large number of games. As I belong from science field there is always a curious nature in me to know something new. But the challenge which I was feeling in this was the selection. Crossing my finger I went for Untamed: Crowned Eagle.

This is an online pokie which is featured as the visualization of jungle. As the name also suggest that it would be like that only. It is full of total adventure and wildness of the forest. This is an incredible one with reels and many more slots of video and the theme is totally based in the sculpture of wildlife. It gave the feel as if you are in forest in between the wild animals, as if you are being surrounded by them. You will feel that you are the majesty of the place and monitoring them sitting all above.

Collection of scattered symbols which is shown in the slots leads you to move in the next level or round of this one. As it provides you the maximum number of free spins which lets you to collect the jackpot. I earned many credits. The benefit of bonuses in this is that either you make it in real or you can go for the wild prizes. Even after returning, I usually go for this in my spare time to have majestic feel.

Living My Unfortunate Day with Oriental Fortune

Which name you will give for a day when nothing is going right with you. Every work you are going to do just spoiled at every instance. That day is most unfortunate day of my life. That unfortunate day is on 23 December last year. I am in the city of Boston. I am there for attending the marriage of one of my relative. My days in the United States are going in awesome ways. The way marriage ended, I got the information that my neighbor passed away. He is too much emotionally attached to me. So, I packed my bag and left for the airport. My unfortunate day started from here, the taxi I catch broken out at the place where there is no any other alternative to catching any other vehicle. I waited there for 2 hours till the taxi repaired. Anyhow, I reached the Logan International Airport. When I reached there, the announcement is displayed on the display board that all flights are cancelled due to heavy snowfall. There is no other alternative for me instead of waiting there for rescheduling of flights. Nothing is going right with me. I am sitting in the waiting lodge and searching over the internet for some good things to divert my mind.

I am so much irritated by that unfortunate day that I started searching for some luck over the internet. As I google the word fortune many suggestions appeared there. From those suggestions a word created enthusiasm in me that word is oriental fortune. I clicked on that and it landed me to the website Roxy Palace. This site is an online gaming website. And that is just a play. I wanted to try my luck there to check that, is there any hope for me to be fortunate. Firstly, I read all the rules and regulations of the game. They are very simple and easily implementable. So, before losing anything on that day I tried my luck on the free bonus. I started that with the free coins provided to me. That is a five pay line, five slots play. Here the maximum bet is of 25 coins. The traditional Chinese symbols are shown over the reels. You have to just try for the combination and if you get the luck will be there for you. I tried it, but my unfortunate day continued there also. I am not able to win any amount there. But it provided me a way to pass my day.

Hate Crimes in America

Why is it that when something happens to America, say, a terrorist attack like that of the Islamic group Al Qaeda in 9/11, the entire race or religion itself is judged as the culprit? What my heart hope is the day to come that each of us, not just the Americans, would learn to measure our judgement base on individual instances and not the general identity of who caused the event.

You could argue but the truth lay just before our eyes. Hate crimes exist. It’s real. Someone could be beaten up, harrassed or assaulted because of their ethnicity. It’s in the news, we have heard it from rumors in the neighborhood and perhaps, it is something that a fellow of yours has experienced. Evidences of racism against Asian-Americans continue to explode even in today’s generation where “unity” is a high advocacy for most nations.In the United States, stereotyping, unjustifiable anti-immigrant sentiments, racism and hatred are still faced by many Asian-Americans.

Asian Americans are limited or denied to certain state rights, imprisoned for unjustified reasons, attacked or worse, murdered – all of these just because they are not WHITE. Barack Obama, the recent president of the United States of America, acknowledged this. The president stated that for the last decade, South Asian Americans, specifically those Muslims, Hindu, or have a Sikh background often faced senseless suspicion and was attacked just because of the colors of their skin and their beliefs.

Countless of hate crimes were reported all over the country. According to a statistics released by The Leadership Conference 2.5% of the reported hate crimes were committed against Asian Pacific Americans.

July 2004, a Vietnamese student in South Boston was killed in a massive brawl between American and Vietnamese, which in a weird way reminds me of this post I made here about pokies. In 2009, four teens were charged after strangling a Chinese account executive in New York. The suspects admitted that they did the crime because of their hatred of the victim’s race. In 2013, a series of attacks targeting Asian-Americans happened in the Upper East Side and East Harlem New York. There are a whole lot of other reported assaults related to hate crimes to Asian Americans and many more that are undocumented.

In the theory that social scholars called “American exceptionalism”, it implies that the U.S is a qualitatively different nation, emphasizing its superiority among other. With what the country could provide for its own people, you can consider that such exceptionalism has its good bases.

But wait a second . . .

Is that American exceptionalism the reason why racial hate crimes happen? I bet it is. We could step back to as far as the past two World Wars where America had greatly help Asian countries to win over against its envaders. Yet, what had happened today? Prejudice and discrimination become things that Asian Americans are used to, as though it is something to consider as a part of how their world should revolve while they are in the United States.

J.Lin; Stereotype, for Real?

If I were to ask some random American friends about how they see Asians in America, they would say……nerds, kung fu masters, scientists, Math wizards and so on. Although there is a solid truth behind this admiration, Asian Americans, even the most popular ones, face racism and discrimination. NBA player Jeremy Lin has no escape to this.

Lin’s ethnicity became an issue in the basketball scene when boxing icon Floyd Mayweather twitted; “Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he is Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.” It was posted by Mayweather on February 2012, something that started a buzz specially to Asian-Americans in the Internet.

Lin, (born Jeremy Shu-How Lin) is a professional basketball player who is currently playing for the Los Angeles Lakes of the NBA. His stardom started when he unexpectedly led his team the New York Knicks while he played as a guard.

After unexpectedly leading the NY Kick’s victory on 2012, a “Linasity” fever flew in the air, which then turned out to be the name title of Lin’s life documentary. Linasity was finally brought to the big screen in 2013 and throughout the documentary, Lin cited how his ethnicity affected his career emphasizing that no issue would have happened if he was black. The film was a Kickstarter project backed by more than two thousand donators.

Basketball is a game dominated by black Americans and if you are one, you would be a part of the norm. It wasn’t ‘til Yao Ming step into NBA that Asians created a buzz around the basketball arena. Even Ming had to catch a few of those racial jokes. Stepping back in 2002, NBA superstar Shaquille O’Neal was a center of the media’s attention when he said “tell Yao Ming, ‘Ching chong yang, wah, ah soh'” during an interview.

While racism jokes and other discriminations could happen to big names like Yao Ming and Jeremy Lin, average Asian Americans are not exceptional. Take for example this Vietnamese descent friend of mine who happened to have the privilege to step into an Ivy League school in Massachusetts.

Making friends wasn’t easy for him at the beginning of the school year. He saw how some students grouped their selves. The whites are with the whites and the black with the blacks as so the Asians are with other Asians. Being an introvert himself didn’t help either. So his first few days were spent alone in the cafeteria studying and listening to music.

But, the school year ends with a big difference for him. He gained friends, lots of them. No, they aren’t just Asians but students of different races. He found out the secret formula; to treat each fellow student individually with respect according to who they are and not where they come from.

We could only wish that everyone posses such mind like of my friend’s. Things would have been way easier and diversity wouldn’t even exist.

Post 9/11 Era for the Asian Americans

It’s been over a decade ago but it is as though it was like yesterday that I watched the news. I was having my usual chocolate cereal at the kitchen counter, facing the T.V. I was fresh from bed and still had my pajamas on.

It was September 11, 2001. I watched those buildings collapsed; flame burst, then I saw them slowly melt down to the ground. It took minutes to sink in my brain. Watching the slow-motioned video, some parts of my mind didn’t want to accept that it was a news, somehow I wanted to convince myself that I was only watching another bomb-this-building movie. But no, it was real. It happened. And I watched it happen.

Al Qaeda flew two planes that they hijacked into the World Trade Center towers and another one to the Pentagon. Another plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania when the passengers attempted to regain control. That crime committed by the global militant Islamist group, Al Qaeda, happened a decade ago. Reports said that about three thousand people died on that attack. The New York Times stated it was the “worst and most audacious terror attack in the American history and I agree. I watched American news, read crime papers and so on but nothing have made me fear more than the 9/11 event.

I remember myself panicking. My family panicked too. What if the next attack happens near us? Gladly, nothing happened. It was the yesteryears, but it wasn’t just the ones responsible for that attack that takes the blame, so are the Asian Muslims living in America. Since the 9/11 attack, South Asians, Muslims, Arabs and those who have Sikh backgrounds were bombarded with biased judgment and racism attacks, profiled as though the race itself is responsible for that violence.5

This isn’t just a personal point-of-view since statistics and studies have something to say too. On a 2014 report of the South Asian American Leading Together (SAALT) called “Under Suspicion, Under Attack: Xenophobic Political Rhetoric and Hate Violence against South Asian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu, Middle Eastern, and Arab Communities in the United States” it pointed that over 80% of hate violence were because of anti-Muslim sentiments. It also cited that in 2012, 50% of the Americans feel uncomfortable with mosques in their neighborhoods or of seeing Muslims praying in airports. Furthermore, over 90% of xenophobic political comments were motivated by the people’s anti-Muslim sentiments.

Living in the post-9/11 era had open up my eyes to a lot of unpleasant things about how people could possess a general point-of-view and how a crime of another individual could cloud judgement. And honestly, all of these make no sense to me. The world already has its own dramas. Somewhere, there are war, cultural battles and epidemic illnesses. I wish there an instant miracle that could put America and every other race into unity; where judgment is individually scrutinized and diversity is vague or non-existence.

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