The winning of Obama in as the 44th President was a great achievement and a ray of hope for the black people, in terms of racial exploitation and discrimination, capitalism need, changing global conditions and many more issues. I am going to highlight the changes that his administration has bought in the US and what has left remained. This is far from the reality that Australia has, which has been often times been accused of racial issues, which may be more potent in combination with their love for online gambling and pokies.

Being the first African- American president, there was a big optimistic image of the presidency of the Obama, and he made a good justice with it. The issues he has taken for consideration was related to the global financial crisis, for which he made changes in the tax policies, foreign policy initiatives and legislation to rebuild the US health care industry. He made extensive efforts in favor of the republicans by honoring John McCain, senator from Arizona. His focus was the ‘the promise of America’ and the policy followed was the mainstream compromise.Obama-Administration

In contrast to economic crisis, additional measures have been made through 2010 budget proposal to stabilize the economy. Obama is following more bailouts, after previous support to the banks like Citibank. Another trillion dollar package is going to be delivered, just as a means of industrial capital. There was a sustained rise in the unemployment rate in the early phase of Obama’s administration that recovered till 2010-2012. GDP growth also increased at a fast pace in 2009 at a rate of 9%. It also continued till 2010 with overall rate of 2.9%.

Obama also recognized the need of US to coordinate with other countries for the scientific opinion for the issues like economic crisis. He attended the G-20 summit and also visited US troops in the Iraq. He was given the Noble prize for ‘his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between people’ in the year 2009.

As his second term winning against the Mitt Romney in 2012, he focused on other issues to work upon. These were income equality, global warming, and also reinforcing American education to promote the technology and innovation. The president’s biggest priority was on the minimum emissions of the Carbon dioxide through the electricity power plants.

The Obama’s administration turned out to be more aggressive than the Bush and other preceding governments because of their response for the whistle blowing and leaks to press. Also he achieved greater success in the energy advancement in the second phase of his electoral journey as compared to the first session.