Those of you who know me, know that I am not much of a gambler. But I happened to visit New Zealand last week, for my job. The first thing I have to tell you is that aussie women are just gorgeous. Especially if you travel this time of the year, it’s so hot that they are wearing very light summer dresses and its not uncommon to see many girls walking in bikinis at the city.

All the more significantly, they are very benevolent! So I happen to meet one too hot blonde New Zealand young lady, and we go out right. Shockingly, when we get to the bar, she begins playing pokies online from her portable I inquire as to whether this is an ordinary thing and she says beyond any doubt, all the time, and every one of her companions do it as well. It’s only a stimulation sort of thing and it isn’t considerably think about genuine betting. Individuals realize they will put in a couple of bucks, and they simply do. She was playing a pokie amusement called tomb marauder (after the motion picture) and there were numerous others. I need to concede I didnt truly discover any of this much fun, however when she as done, the genuine fun began 🙂


This supet hot girl contacted me on twitter yesterday and she saied that she just won a super jackpot playing pokies! this is amazing she just made a ton of money and now she invited me to come over to New Zealand to visit her. WOW, I mean, of course I will go and have an “awful” time with her haha