VINCENT-WHOIn this article I am going to tell the review and the thought behind making this movie. Vincent Who? Is a Documentary movie which was released in theaters in 2009. This movie belongs to Vincent Chin’s murder in 1982 in Detroit, Michigan. Vincent Chin was born in china in 1955. He was a 27 year- old Chinese American who killed with a baseball bat by 2 white autoworkers, who mistakenly thought that Vincent chin was Japanese & he was responsible for the losing jobs in the US auto industry. When the white judge judgment the two attackers to trial and fine $3000 then the case became recovering point for the Asian American community. But after the pressure of nationwide civil rights eventually the case overturned the judgment of Michael Nitz and Ron Ebens.

The movie Vincent who? Was inspired by the 25th anniversary of Vincent chin’s killing. Although the movie has the less focus on the case rather than the meaning from the case. About the Asian Americans, it was the 1st national case. This movie links to Vincent chin’s murder case and movement with the voices connected with young activists on the area and their ordeals with racism, and also those activists around the world who reacted to this case. This movie captures the strain through intercutting interviews with informative video. The video is many moving recounting your passage connected with Lily Chin, Vincent’s mother, who strongly fought for justice. While informative video also implies how crucial is the case, vast dialogue with principals and the like who recognized of the case, interpret the item.

The mash-up is more helpful in advertising how it changed persons. This documentary movie made by Renee Tajima. She collects the facts of people, especially Lily Chin.

Helen Zia, an activist from Detroit (which is a largest city in Michigan) and also a member of temporary “ad hoc” committee which was formed for Americans civil rights. And also check this tale about australian gambling.